City of Joplin Wastes $1.7m on No-Show "Master Developer"

The  Joplin City Council may finally be seeing the folly of it's partnership with Wallace-Bajjali at a special emergency closed meeting tonight. The company appears to have up and closed shop without notice. As has been reported here and elsewhere Wallace-Bajjali has thus far been a promise-laden results-devoid outfit that has cost Joplin at least $1.7 Million and precious years lost in the failed developments promised by the company. The actions of Wallace-Bajjali are so similar to known ponzi tactics, it would not surprise anyone if the "money is gone" in this instance and the city will be forced to pursue legal action against the company. Of course the company has been found guilty of a Ponzi in the past and fined by the SEC, and anyone with enough wit to complete a google search could have warned the city, months, years ago.

It's time for Joplin to take a long, difficult look in the mirror. No-bid contracts, failed "private-public partnerships", good ole boy deals, and the failure of Joplin to keep pace with other cities in the region makes Joplin more of a relic than an inspiration. We need leadership that looks forward. Joplin has been through a lot of turmoil and it deserves leaders that hold the interests of Joplin over their own pocketbook.

P.S. Has anyone heard from the "Wallace-Bajjali Joplin Team"? Attention: Bruce Anderson, Gary Box, Christine Bryant, Karen Love

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City of Joplin Wastes $1.7m on No-Show "Master Developer"